One of the older firms in the marketplace is iPage, who have been around since 2001 and have a plethora of awards to show for it, including an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau from 2002 to the present.  iPage have built their reputation on Dell® servers using high-quality hardware to give optimum reliability. iPage is based in California and Virginia, where their customer support is located.

iPage has just won the Best cPanel Virtual Private Server award for 2011.  They offer a range of three VPS hosting plans, starting at under $50 based on monthly billing, that all use RAID 10 fault-tolerant disc space, so your website will not be affected if a hard drive fails on your server. This range from 256 MB RAM to 1,024 MB RAM, and they also offer burstable memory and up to 10 free dedicated IP addresses.  They also offer free cPanel – check out the trial facility on their well-designed site – across all plans, with custom firewall, SSH access, free backups, separate websites and parked domains, choice of datacenter location and guarantee a 99.9% uptime – in practice this has been a laudable 99.8%.  Rich in features, it all works with Windows, LINUX or Mac.  iPage also use three independent internet providers to give maximum speed and reliability.

This company has also based its reputation on its tech support, which comes 24/7 by toll-free telephone, email, ticket or online chat, and is provided strictly in-house, never outsourced.  They don’t bang a drum about their employee-owned status, but personnel average over four years’ hosting experience, with senior personnel averaging over 10 years.  Reviews speak of the support as friendly, helpful and fast, and they also have video tutorials, FAQs, a knowledgebase and forums.  iPage also do nightly backups for accounts up to 10GB, and one account restore at four-month intervals at no extra charge.

With just one hate-page per 300,000 pages that mention iPage, they would seem to be too good to be true, but some reviews do criticize aspects of their service, notably the not-very-competitive prices.  Price is certainly not their strongest selling point, although they are affordable, but users may choose them thinking, “You get what you pay for” and stay because of the quality of service.   The full 90 day money-back guarantee is also attractive.  Some reviews point out that they do not support Ruby on Rails.

iPage web hosting may have you seeing stars – little gold stars, five in a row, all checked on the reviews by pleased users.  The one that isn’t always at full marks is price, yet customers still sign up and reviews show they stay.  Obviously their reliability matters more than their cost to satisfied users.